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0 Penn State’s Most Notable People of the Year

Every school year brings the opportunity for something new and different to the Penn State community. From a new head football coach to a Greek life scandal to the girl who tames the squirrels, this year has seen its fair share of roller coaster ups and downs. Here is a list of the top ten people of note for the 2012-2013 school year.

0 Penn State Baseball Game Benefits THON

Penn State will host the Iowa Hawkeyes on Sunday, April 21st at 12:05pm at Medlar Field, giving a portion of student ticket sales as a donation towards next years THON. One dollar of every student ticket sold will be donated. Student tickets are two dollars at the gate and you can purchase them with your Penn State ID.

0 Penn State ‘Likes it Like That’

Announced this morning, the poppy rock group Hot Chelle Rae, presented by B94.5, will be preforming at the Bryce Jordan Center on April 21st at 7PM. Special guest Francesco will also be preforming with the group. Known mostly for their catchy electric rock hits like “Tonight, Tonight” and their collaborations with the New Boyz on “I Like It Like That,” the foursome based out of Nashville, Tennessee are no strangers to students at Penn State

0 Penn State Spills Its Guts

Forget barbers or manicurist, it appears that Penn State has found a new way to confess their deepest, darkest, drunkest secrets: Social Media. Over the course of this year alone, Penn State has seen a rise in media outlets aimed toward students posting secrets or confessions. It appears as though we, as a student body, have more problems and “haven’t even started real life yet” crises for just one of these types of social media sites. Thus PSU Confesses was born.

0 Help Stand Up to Sexual Violence

With a week full of activities to raise awareness and money for the Sexual Awareness cause, the Sexual Violence Awareness group asks for volunteers from the community for help with donations to fund each event and to make Sexual Violence Awareness week a success.

0 Alternative Activities on State Patty’s Day

For those who have chosen to ignore State Patty’s this year, there are a number of other activities and events (other than Skate Patty’s Day) that are happening on Saturday. It’s almost as if the some people want to stop State Patty’s from happening.

0 Why We Never Forget Our First Time at THON

You never forget your first THON experience. Whether you’re on a committee, participating as a part of Greek Life, or especially if you are a part of THON family, you’re first THON weekend at the Bryce Jordan Center is undoubtedly a roller coaster of emotions. Find out why two students and a family will never forget THON 2013, their first THON Weekend.

0 Bryce Carter Kicks Cancer, and His Crutches

646 days ago, what were you doing? Can you even remember? Bryce Carter does, because two years ago Bryce was diagnosed with cancer. And 646 days ago, just a few weeks after being diagnosed with Periosteal Osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, Bryce was told that he would be needing crutches in order to walk.

0 Your Resolutions, One Month Later

One month ago, Onward State posted five ways to help maintain your resolutions while at school, and while these tips are certainly still helpful and relevant, here are a few more to revive your almost forgotten New Year’s resolutions.

0 Mind Your Manners: The Gym Edition

Petitioning for a new gym membership agreement that includes new policies on gym etiquette seemed a little pretentious. However, here are the ten things one should never, under any circumstance, do at the gym.

0 Nineties Throwback Party at Levels Tonight & it’s All That

Tonight a beloved 90’s themed party sponsored by Public Relations Student Society of America will be hosted at the night club. The event will begin at 10 p.m. and caters to not just 21 and up, but also minors. The first fifty people to arrive get in for free and after that 18-21 is 10 dollars, and 21 and over is 3 dollars at the door.

0 Drop/Add: The Eleventh Hour

Today marks the end of test-driving courses, otherwise known to students as the Drop/Add period. It’s time to commit. Up until now, professors have either been scaring students off with promises (threats) of pop quizzes, research papers, and impossible readings or they are about to pull a serious Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and crank out assignments once they know you are trapped in their class with no way out but late dropping.

0 “Texas Thursday” is Coming to Levels, Y’all

Starting tonight, Levels Nightclub will be going south.

No, not out of business. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. The nightclub will be ditching its electronic dance music and radio hits and trading them in for a Texas hoedown every Thursday night starting this week. “Texas Thursday” will be born in response to the significant request of country music.

0 Varsity Vocals Hosting ICCA Mid-Atlantic A Cappella Quarterfinal at Penn State

Hold on to your matching hats and bow ties because Penn State is hosting the ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal A Cappella competition on Feburary 9 in the HUB. This Varsity Vocals event features 11 different a cappella groups, 5 of which are Penn State University-based groups. These include: Blue in the FACE, None of the Above, The Coda Conduct, The Pennharmonics, and The Statesmen.

0 Freshly PSU: A Solution to Your Poor College Diet

Everybody’s been there. Whether you’re still fighting off the freshman fifteen, or an upperclassman struggling to burn off those last couple of beers, we’ve all struggled with a healthy diet. With the added stress of finals, we don’t even have time to workout. How does one stay on track? Well State College has a secret: Freshly PSU. And they’re here to help you with just that.

0 Rejoice: Tiësto Show Rescheduled

Tiësto is officially coming to Penn State. The DJ, who was originally supposed to preform at the Bryce Jordan Center back in October, cancelled his performance due to a back injury. He has since rescheduled his cancelled performances and will be appearing at Penn State on February 26th.

0 How to Beat the Winter Blues in Happy Valley

The first snow has officially fallen in State College, meaning the winter slump will soon be upon us. Everyone’s been there. That time of year where it’s too cold to be outside and all you want to do is nap, watch movies, and eat the homemade Christmas goodies your mom sends you from home. Your productivity is the lowest it will be until daylong season begins in the spring.

But have no fear. Here is a list of ways to help you escape the winter blues through the long season ahead.

0 Big Onion Jam Sesh with the Songwriter’s Club

The Songwriter’s Club hosted an open mic night event at the Big O last night. I was expecting half a dozen freshman boys sporting Puka shell necklaces playing catchy emo acoustic songs like a high school talent show.

Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. Although there was no shortage of shelled jewelry and even an acoustic redition of “Karma Police,” most of the kids came out to jam and showcase their own original songs.

Read more about the Songwriter’s Club rocking out in the Big Onion at last night’s open mic after the jump.

0 Nebraska Coach’s Prayers One Year Later

Almost a year after he led the on-field prayer in the first game without Joe Paterno, Nebraska’s assistant coach, Ron Brown says he’s praying for Jerry Sandusky. In an interview after Nebraska’s win over Penn State on Saturday, Brown who is known as being a devout Christian, made headlines when he said that he spent most of Saturday “praying for Jerry Sandusky” and hoping that “the Lord would reach down and touch Sandusky’s life.”

0 Top 5 Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in State College

A lot of students have begun vegetarian diets for numerous reasons. Whether you’ve jumped on this diet bandwagon for the health benefits, saving the animals, or an excuse to not shower or shave your legs, there’s no doubt that you have run into the dead end that is State College’s vegetarian options. But have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 vegetarian-friendly places to chow in State College.