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Mike Reisman

is a senior Supply Chain Management major with an Economics minor (Read: Business Douche) from South Jersey. He has an intense fear of graduating so please don't bring it up. He writes about stupid things nobody cares about, and student life if the site is low on content that is clearly supposed be funny but is really very unfunny. He is lovingly (?) known around the staff as Baby Mike which may or may not be because he has a child (hint: it’s not). He’s also a second generation Penn Stater who has been wearing Penn State sweatshirts since before he was two, a habit he hasn’t grown out of. If you really hate yourself, you can follow him on twitter at @mike_reisman or email him at [email protected]

1 Here Are The Best Underage Stories You Submitted

Last week, we asked you for your best stories from getting cited with underage drinking, and you did not let us down. We received dozens of stories, including some from alumni, ranging from sad coincidences that landed students in trouble, to situations where it wouldn’t really have made sense for the person not to have gotten cited. We picked our favorites, and we are happy to be able to share them with you.

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