Sandusky Scandal

On November 5, 2011, a 23-page Grand Jury report rocked Penn State to its foundation. As a result of Jerry Sandusky being convicted on 45 of 48 counts sexual abuse against 10 minors and subsequent fallout and alleged coverup by several key school administrators and legendary coach Joe Paterno, these events will forever be a dark stain in the history of our University.

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A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge ruled today that the $60 million NCAA fine against Penn State should remain in the state, while also editorializing a bit about the validity of the consent decree and the merit of the sanctions in their entirety.
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Sandusky Sentencing-2
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court slaps down an appeal from convicted child sex abuser Jerry Sandusky.
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In the affidavit, which the court recently unsealed, Cohen, former acting attorney general and first deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania, says Curley and Schultz's rights have been violated through the criminal proceedings.
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President Erickson PGH Town Hall
According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Penn State President Rodney Erickson had planned a tribute statement to Joe Paterno following his death, but the Board of Trustees canceled it.
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A judge denied Louis Freeh's emergency motion to reconsider the court's decision to delay former Penn State President Graham Spanier's lawsuit against Freeh.
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The Attorney General's Office is asking a judge to deny a request to toss out charges against former Penn State administrators who claim they have been unfairly prosecuted in an alleged cover-up of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.
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Penn State and the NCAA filed documents Monday asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the family of Joe Paterno and other parties.
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For the first time ever, Jerry Sandusky's wife Dottie spoke at length publicly about what she and her family have gone through over the last two and a half years since her husband was charged with sexually abusing children in November 2011.
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Mike McQueary
Don Van Natta Jr.'s 6,900 word ESPN feature on Mike McQueary is making waves today for a number of new revelations about the former Penn State assistant coach's interesting past, and about his key testimony in the seemingly never-ending Sandusky saga.
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The civil lawsuit former Penn State president Graham Spanier filed against Louis Freeh last October won't be going anywhere for now.
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