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Day: December 3, 2008

Horny Students Haunt Hometown

Wow. We don’t know how we missed it but before break the Collegian reported about how… nevermind, I’m just going to let the story speak for itself. The Collegian’s headlined it Break chance for hometown flings. I think our headline might be a little more accurate. We’ve pulled the quotes that tell the story of […]

Harris Poll Flub Increases BCS Skepticism

No matter what college football team someone follows, it’s likely that they have a bit of a bone to pick with the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) selection system. Get ready to hear even more grumblings when a Harris Poll voter predicted that Penn State would face Alabama in the national championship. That would be great […]

State College is Safe

No thanks to the pesky rioting, State College was named the second safest city in the country behind Logan, Utah by CQ Press recently. The full Metropolitan Crime Rankings can be found here. The Collegian reports: State College Mayor Bill Welch said this ranking reflects positively on the borough, something that is not always the […]

Penn State Missed Connections

Craigslist has a charming section that allows people to post about people they’ve encountered that they’d like to see again. OS enjoys frequenting the page. Examples of endearing posts on the flipside…

College May Become Unaffordable for Most

The New York Times reports: “The rising cost of college — even before the recession — threatens to put higher education out of reach for most Americans, according to the biennial report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education. Over all, the report found, published college tuition and fees increased 439 percent […]

Penn State: World’s Best?

While I tend to be skeptical of any college rating system, US News and World Report recently came out with a list of the Top 200 World Universities. Interested how Penn State measures up? Of course you are. 105! WE ARE 105! The top three universities were: Harvard, Yale, and the University of Cambridge (England). […]

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