Penn State: World’s Best?

While I tend to be skeptical of any college rating system, US News and World Report recently came out with a list of the Top 200 World Universities. Interested how Penn State measures up? Of course you are. 105! WE ARE 105! The top three universities were: Harvard, Yale, and the University of Cambridge (England). It figures.

Other Big Ten schools to make the list are Michigan (18), Northwestern (33), Wisconsin (55), Illinois (71), Minnesota (87), Purdue (99), Ohio State (121), and Indiana (170). Michigan State and Iowa didn’t make the list. For those that are interested, Pitt ranked 97th. The schools were ranked based on weighted factors that I don’t completely understand. An explanation can be found here. For those angry and confused as to how Michigan could possibly be a better school than good old State, just remember that they suck at football. Also, take solace in the fact that we beat Ohio State. That is all.

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