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The Bboy どーも’s Blog (don’t understand what that means? don’t worry, neither do we) posted about his experience at yesterday’s TI concert.  Our bboy showed up to the BJC at 1:00 pm so he could be sure that he was first in line for the 7:00 pm concert. (Yesterdays average temperature was 19°F.)

However, due to moving entrances and angry staffers, his position changed throughout the day. In the end, he was successful and took the venue’s best spot, at least according to him. Here’s the permalink to the post. It’s worth a read.

More inside.

Here’s one of our favorite passages,

6:30 ( 30 mins left)
– Finished food and we jetted. Once we got there, I cut the line towards my friend. Because people saw me there since 1, we were let back into 1st place. ( yea, show some respect)

It’s good to know there’s still some kindness in the world.

For more information about the concert, check out the Collegian article. Best quote:

At the very least, T.I. used his strong performance last night to fire a salvo at anyone who doubted him over the past year. He won the crowd over, and he knew it.

“Me being an intelligent and logical thinking man,” T.I. said. “If I were you, hata, I’d hate me too.”

In closing, consider these T.I. lyrics as being indicative of our feelings to you: “Stacks on deck/ Patron on ice/ and we can pop bottles all night/ baby you could have whatever you like.”

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