Sexting Excites The Atlantic’s Daily Dish

We noticed the story about ‘sexting‘ circulating the internet this morning, but didn’t think it was worthy of a post. That was probably just because we hadn’t been… sexted?

Andrew Sullivan, or at least someone on staff at his blog, thought differently about the story.

The Daily Dish posted this evening about sexting,

College OTR calls it the “word of the week,” based on a story of two Seattle cheerleaders suspended (up to a year) for showing up nude on cell phones around school (they’re suing — in part because of the sexist double standard of male abettors going unpunished).  However, based on these stats, the “sexting” portmanteau is more like a word of the year.  Urban Dictionary defines it:

v: the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later

Along with this disaster, the perils of sexting are a popular theme lately.

The sexting story was posted on The Daily Dish before they even wrote about the Google Zeitgeist 2008 that was released today! (Those of you who noticed there was only a 14 minute difference between the two posts, quiet down…) The zeitgeist is the report released yearly by Google of the most popular and fastest rising search terms, and, no, ‘sexting’ did not make the list.

P.S. I’m a big Sullivan fan-boy. (You should see how harsh he was this fall on Sarah Palin!)

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