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All of you are aware of the fantastic capabilities that the iPod Touch has. You can use the flick of your finger to control it. You can download games. You can keep your calendar on it. You can surf the Net… but not at Penn State.

Or so I thought. For those of you who aren’t getting the full capabilities out of your iPod Touches, or iPhones for that matter, within a matter of seconds, you can connect to the Penn State VPN network the same way you can with your computer.

All you need is the latest iPod Software Update.

Get the details inside.

From there:

Go to Settings > General > Network > VPN > Add VPN Configuration > IPSec tab. Then enter the following details:

Description: <Whatever>
Account: <PSU Username>
Password: <PSU Password>
Use Certificate: Off
Group Name: pennstate
Secret: pennstate

Then save it, and on the first page of settings there is now an On/Off toggle for the VPN. Just flip the switch whenever you need to connect to PSU’s wireless.

This helpful information came from Steve Sharer’s blog found here.

For those that need a walk through with pictures, click here (It says iPhone on the page, but the instructions are the same).

Ok. So after that, you should be good to go with mobile internet access anywhere on campus, all from your iPod. It’s a pretty fast connection too. Now if they only gave the dorms wireless access, they would almost *shudder* be like home.

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