Blue Band Tubas Take NYC

We’re fans of names with exclamation points (‘Giraffes? Giraffes!’). For a similar reason, we also like names that have only capital letters, because you have to shout them.

That’s why TUBACHRISTMAS, an annually held concert that celebrates Christmas with tubas, is so exciting. TUBACHRISTMAS! And it’s in New York! NEW YORK!

Penn State Live further explained the event today.

TUBACHRISTMAS, which spreads holiday cheer and musician comraderie, was created by tuba player and music educator Harvey G. Phillips as a way for tuba and euphonium players to get together and share their music with their community.

Euphoniums, for those unfamiliar with the wide range of brass instruments, are like small tubas. The picture to the right is sophomore Justin Ross playing a euphonium. [Credit for the cool shot goes to Penn State’s Andy Colwell.]

Penn State sent 25 of the 400 participating musicians to the concert held on the Rockefeller ice rink.

According to freshman sousaphone player Ian Kenney, the day was “one of the funnest days” he’s ever had.

Totally the funnest.

Ian, if you’re looking to remember the event 4 eva, I suggest you pick up one of these cool TUBACHRISTMAS headbands. They could probably pass as retro already. Wondering what TUBACHRISTMAS sounds like? Check out this YouTube video of a tuba ensemble playing ‘Come All Ye Faithful.’

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