Penn State Live Has Five Favorite Study Spots

Did you know Penn State has mobile journalists? Well, neither did we. Three undergrads in the College of Communication have begun submitting video reports to Penn State Live.

Calling them journalists is a little misleading though, as Penn State Live is the university’s official news source. That said, Penn State Live deserves recognition for doing a great job this year implementing and embracing all types of new media, including a Twitter account and lots of video.

Their latest video report features the correspondent’s five favorite study spots at Penn State.

You can watch the video and read our play-by-play commentary after the jump.

0:08   Different buildings=different study areas… check, got that.
0:40   I can’t believe she can talk about the The Big O without snickering.
0:50   Two reasons, actually: to study and to Facebook. Srsly, let’s be real.
1:10   True, true. The noise does help me focus. Can’t say the same about knife threats though.
1:28   Always chasing the black dragon… always…
1:38   Best line in the whole video. I empathize with her. Sometimes I try to separate myself from a net connection, but I usually end up just fiddling around with my phone.
1:50   Fun fact: A tall Starbucks coffee has almost four times the caffeine in a tall Starbucks latte.
2:10   I applied to work at the cafe there but they never responded.
2:14   Why was this shot chosen to be the video’s freeze frame? It doesn’t seem right.
2:32   There are also so many places to get MURDERED!!! j/k j/k
2:55   I sympathize… I can’t study in my dorm room at all.
3:18   I feel like there could have been a better outro…

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