Highbrow Meets Lowbrow

National Geographic has a neat feature on their site right now comparing hangover cures from around the world.

The magazine says that people in the Netherlands cope with a few glasses of cold lager, and cites the prairie oyster as the preferred solution in America.

The Rusisan hangover remedy is the least appealing though.

Rather than eat or drink something to help a hangover, many Russians prefer just to head straight to the sauna. The steam-induced sweating it provides is said to be the best way to rid the body of alcohol’s toxins. To really get them out, though, some Russians will vigorously beat themselves with birch branches (which you can buy in many stores and saunas for just this purpose) to stimulate blood circulation.

That can’t be fun. Are there any Penn Staters abroad in Russia who can attest to this? Have you tried it?

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