Green Man: Party Hard, Study Hard

As many of you know, Green Man knows how to party. What you may not know, though, is that, despite being a certified party animal, Green Man has finals, just like all of us. So what does Green Man do when he needs to study? He goes to the Pattee Library, of course! Click inside to see his studying escapades

Green Man cautiously approached a table and began going over notes for class. After all, he can’t complete his Green American Studies major unless he passes his classes!

Now Green Man must log onto the library’s computers. Could this be for another course? Or is Green Man just checking his Facebook?

He seems deep in thought. Definitely not on Facebook.

Green Man has decided to abandon the internet (maybe he saw one of his viral videos?) and work with a group. He seems to be bringing many fresh ideas to the group (clearly not a group majoring in Green Man Studies. Or if they are, where are their suits? They should be put on academic probation).

Green Man copies a page from his textbook. What could be in that backpack of his? Probably a spare suit in case he gets his dirty.

In order to stay energized for a hard and long day of studying, Green Man waits in line at MacKinnon’s Cafe for a free cup of coffee. Students come in hordes to get this complimentary caffeine boost.

Now Green Man must find a book in the infamous “stacks”. Hopefully he can find a book about how to defend himself from murder.

After a hard day’s work, Green Man cools down by having a nice sip of water. He has accomplished a lot today. It is clear now that Green Man, like many Penn Staters, has an academic side, despite his tendency to party up.

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