Day: December 20, 2008

PSU Football 2008 Season Retrospective: Day 1

In anticipation of Penn State playing against USC in the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, I’ve decided to use the twelve days leading up to the gridiron clash to review the incredible season the Nittany Lions have had. One game per day, with analysis you won’t find anywhere else. GAME 1: Penn State Nittany […]

Women’s Volleyball Repeat Champions

Completing an undefeated season, the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team won in three sets (20/25, 24/26, 25/23) over Stanford University. The team only dropped two sets the whole season, both coming in their semifinal matchup against the University of Nebraska. The Penn State team has widely been called the “best team ever”. The team has […]

Water Aplenty, But A Storage Dilemma

Water makes up 75% of our body mass. I’d consider it a necessity for life. There are many ways to procure potable water, the most popular being consuming water bottles (not the actual bottle, just the water. Don’t be foolish.) That being said, might that 36 pack of Deer Park you just bought from Louis’ […]

Happy Bowl Season

Today is the first day of bowl season, and while a majority of you are probably just waiting for Penn State’s epic match up with USC in the Rose Bowl, RealClearSports has a lovely map of the bowls, accompanied by chart that specifies location, time, favorite, and channel for broadcast for each game. Here at […]