It’s the Economy, Spanier

G-Span recently wrote a letter and recorded a video discussing the impact of the declining economy on Penn State. I suppose that by now he’s seen all the movies he wanted to, so he has a little extra time on his hands.

If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s the take away message: things suck, but more for the university and its staff than for the students. Also everything might suck more shortly. (The biggest impact on individuals seems to be on the faculty and staff enrolled in TIAA-CREF– their retirement packages lost value with the market.)

We’ll have a more thorough analysis when we return next week.


This US Government blog (really, it’s weird) compared the economy to how Penn State performed in the Rose Bowl. What is USC then? The credit market? Or is it the nation, those who thought home prices would keep going up? Trippy… maybe we should just leave the metaphor at its base level.

*If Steve Jobs won’t say it, we will.

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