Collegian, Drunks, and Us

natural_lightThe Collegian’s Get a Nightlife blog posted about the 10 Worst Drunks. This part in particular got us thinking about alcohol in general on college campuses.

8. There is always one person who complains at a party. Often, this complaining stems from the lack of variety in alcohol. Many people are now forced to offer both Jungle Juice and beer. However, many of us are poor and in college so we must stay within our budgets. If you are going to complain about the choice of alcohol, bring your own.

The majority of alcohol consumed at Penn State is beer. This is not unusual for a large, public (or semi-public…) university. But not all schools are beer schools, and that’s our thesis: colleges can be divided into beer schools and liquor schools. Harvard, for instance, is a liquor school. This is a pretty easy claim to prove or disprove, but does a school’s preference for one over the other say anything greater about the institution? Are liquor schools smarter than beer schools?

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