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Silas. Inside Webster’s Bookstore/Cafe. (If you haven’t noticed a trend here.)

While flannels are the order of the day for this cold weather, that doesn’t mean you have to channel your inner lumberjack.  Kudos to the beret.  Earning him even more street cred is the story behind it: it was handed down by his former boss – a chef – because he thought it made him look “too short”.  Character is a great weapon to have in your arsenal.

Get your first glimpse of Spring Semester fashions after the jump.


Greg.  Waiting for the Bus on College Ave.

There’s no piece here that screams controversial or demands attention – with the exception of his liberal use of hair colour (which I’m a big fan of).  This is the brilliance of the outfit.  In a crowd of people, your eyes are naturally drawn to him.  A great example of “wearing” an outfit: the statement is conservative, but still means business.  It projects a strong, and powerful persona – something that Smeal wishes they could teach their Wall Street hopefuls.  Great execution.

Megan and Chris

Megan and Chris.  Outside Sackett Building.

If it was unclear before, I love bicycles.  This is another perfect use of what may win the award for “perfect campus accessory”.  While I usually subscribe to the school of bright colors, the all black manifesto is always a winner, especially when paired with accents like the bright blue found on his ride.  The fedora adds an extra dose of sophistication, too.

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