How to Watch the Inauguration

normal_38obama_c5038It’s finally here– Tuesday, the end of the weekend and the beginning of Obama. How are you going to watch the inauguration during and between classes? Here are a few ideas.

On the Internet

This is the first inauguration that will be truly accessible, in real time, through the internet. You could watch it through Hulu (one of the best online video sites out there), but they are streaming the Fox News feed– not really what I want to be watching tomorrow.

Current TV is an option. You can either watch it on your computer or tune any campus TV to channel 74. Current will be featuring a live Twitter feed alongside its video stream.

The CNN-Facebook partnership will probably be the surprise hit of the day– it’s like Current TV, but with CNN instead of Current and Facebook instead of Twitter. Facebook has a video ad for it here. You can find the stream at Live.

The official coverage is also an option.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use the Ustream app to watch the inauguration wherever you have wi-fi.

On Campus

A good place to watch the inauguration is the library’s News and Microform Library, which is right next to the coffee shop. The official hours are 10-5, but the library is open 24 hours a day.

You can also watch it in the lobby near Alumni Hall.

Off Campus

You can watch the inauguration on your computer at a bunch of places downtown, including Dunkin’ Donuts, Irving’s, and Websters (which all have free wi-fi), but there aren’t any great places to watch it on a big screen.

Credit for the picture goes to the Penn State Department of Public Information. It was shot by Andy Colwell. The picture was taken during Obama’s visit to Penn State last March.

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