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ourTunesSo you’re on iTunes listening to the latest Beyonce album when your Shared Libraries pique your interest. Hmm, I wonder  trolling through the various songs, you attempt to drag one or two into your own library. Epic Fail! So you just might actually have to purchase them legitimately. Fiddlesticks!

Not so fast! OurTunes, a Java software project by David Blackman, allows you to download songs from your Shared Libraries. It works for both Mac and PC. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with iTunes 8 (The latest version). The website says they are constantly updating the software. However, the email address on the website does not work, so it might be that Mr. Blackman has ended the project.

Seeing as how I have iTunes 8, I have not been able to seize the formerly forbidden fruit of the Shared Libraries. For those of you that haven’t updated your iTunes; first, I admire you for your foresight in knowing that such a great invention would eventually be at your disposal; second, I do not know how fast the downloads work, not being able to use the software, so it would be very helpful if you could give ourTunes a go and let me know the download speeds. The site includes an FAQ segment for those that have questions.

If this doesn’t work for you, there is always Limewire. That being said, I wonder how the RIAA’s recent policy shift away from prosecuting poor college students will affect the extent to which Judical Affairs investigates internet piracy. Graham Spanier has a vested interest in the University’s internet piracy policies, having discussed and formed them on a national level. Spanier said:

“Universities have made impressive progress in combating piracy of music and movies through educational efforts, technical controls, and the adoption of legitimate on-line services”

If by legitimate on-line services he means Ruckus, then he must think Mac users incapable of piracy. Either way, if your buddy has a song you like, snatch it with ourTunes.

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