Hottest Hats for Cold Weather

amber1Ice, hail, snow, frostbite, sleet, freezing rain, raining freeze, sleazing rain (that’s a different story) – Penn State gets it all. So, after several months of frigid weather most of us know that it’s essential to dress for maximum warmth; crucially linked to this is the hat. Many a student has been known to perish without one (like a Berkley Creamery Headache on speed), so it was a lucky day when Amber Stahl crocheted her way into State College.

A freshman with a passion for the needle and thread, Amber is the founder of Trillium – a newly created small business selling professionally homemade hats. The warm hats, made out of a heavy yarn in a variety of colors and patterns, go for 15 to 20 dollars. Either way they’re a great bargain, and that’s probably why business has taken off for Amber (40 to 50 hats sold, some as far away as Michigan).

Although it started as a hobby that she freely shared with others – often giving away hats for free – the pastime has quickly become a marketable reality. With the help of a “close-knit” group of friends, advertising, modeling, marketing, and distribution has been painless. Yet it’s obvious that it’s because she takes pleasure in what she does and the quality of the product and atmosphere reflect it.

From her hand written orders to the “shit-ton” of yarn at the foot of her bed, its clear why her friends help her. They said,  “We’d do it even if she didn’t give us free hats.”


For now she plans to keep things on the small scale because of time demands: she’s heavily involved in the PSSC and obviously the demands of a Chem E. degree aren’t easy. However, don’t be surprised if you see the her hats and possibly purses, iPod cases, and ski masks downtown within the next year or so…for now you can easily contact her and place orders through Trillium’s Facebook page. Expect a website and online store soon.

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