Day: January 26, 2009

Hottest Hats for Cold Weather

Ice, hail, snow, frostbite, sleet, freezing rain, raining freeze, sleazing rain (that’s a different story) – Penn State gets it all. So, after several months of frigid weather most of us know that it’s essential to dress for maximum warmth; crucially linked to this is the hat. Many a student has been known to perish […]

A Taste of North Campus

Being a South Halls resident all of my short college career, North Halls seem like a far off land full of mystery and legend.  The reality of it is I’ve walked past the sacred grounds numerous occasions while on a journey home from the Far East.  Even more troubling to me: how can these students […]

The View From Schreyer House

Dear Diary, Everything is right with the world. Penn State men’s basketball beat Iowa in a squeaker. The University continues to purchase property, while at the same time letting faculty know not to expect raises. I finished my needlepoint of Old Main in record time. Also, have you seen those commercials for Touch of Grey […]

Details on James Building Purchase

Penn State announced on Friday that it would be purchasing the James Building, home to the Collegian, for $4.4 million. We covered it here. The wording of the press release was confusing though. It said: Though Penn State has the option to purchase the property in 2015, owner Charles Rider II and the University agreed […]

Old Boy Band Gives It Another Go

New Kids on the Block, most famous in this day and age for LFO name dropping them in Summer Girls, will be coming to the BJC on March 24 as part of their 2009 tour. The group is composed of Jordan and Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg, older brother of Mark […]

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