Sex Sells, But in State College?

8Sex sells. That’s probably why the Collegian’s article about a new male escort service got above the fold A1 coverage.

The Gentleman of State College (here’s their MySpace… booty calls, anyone?) is offering male escorts for “anything from dinner dates to massages to bachelor parties to bachelorette parties.”

The company makes clients sign statements saying they are not renting (?) the men for sex, but I bet that rule will be broken quite often. (Quoth the company, “In the event that sexual activity occurs, it is beyond the scope of our financial agreement and is between two consenting adults.”)


They set up a website that has pages full of photos featuring the fledgling beefcakes.

The rates are:

1 hour for $160

3 hours for $350

12 hours for $800

24 hours for $1200

The company also charges a 30% deposit if the hunk is to travel more than 45 minutes– unless they are kidnapped, I guess?

They are still recruiting young, attractive bros for the service. You can apply here, but be warned: they ask for your Zodiac sign. That means it’s serious.

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