Month: January 2009

Penn Stater Photo Shoot w/ Volleyball Champions

Penn Stater magazine put up a short video of the photo shoot it did yesterday with the Women’s Volleyball Team– the video features Kelsey Ream, Megan Hodge, and Nicole Fawcett posing for photographer Bill Cramer (Class of 1985). You can find the full blog entry here. The most interesting part is how the magazine handled […]

Colleges to Benefit from Proposed Stimulus Bill

While it isn’t quite “Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all“, Wyclef-style, the Federal Stimulus Bill that passed the House yesterday without ANY Republican support, has $150 billion in it for education. In addition to increased aid to the nation’s school districts, there will be substantial increases in grant aid to needy college students in the form of […]

Making It Easier to Find Event Information

We’re in the process of streamlining how Onward State displays events. We’ve moved all events to a dedicated ‘Events’ page and we have added a dedicated events calendar that will appear on every page of the site. Let us know what you think of it. We’re trying to adjust Onward State to meet your needs, […]

Tips for Your Post-Prandial, Pre-Party Nap

Weekends at college are an amorphous thing. For some, they begin on Thursdays of the Thirsty variety. For others, the week has been made obsolete by the neverending weekend. In any event, a favorite weekend activity is the mid-afternoon nap. There’s no shame in napping. Remember Churchill napped. Quoth the redoubtable drunkard: Nature had not […]

Larry Fitzgerald: Why I Almost Went to PSU


Bro Call

“I Try To Moderate My Drinking” Hello again to all of the Brosephs and Brosephinas reading my new column. It’s been a little more than a week since I started writing. Wow! Can you believe it? I sure can’t! Anyway, today’s Bro Call is about drinking. Pretty sweet, right? I can’t imagine a week without […]

The Natty Nittany

Seth.  On Beaver Ave. This screams punk, and I love it.  The paint spattered jacket is fitting (he’s an art major) and the “pleated pants with tennis shoes” look is a great complement, but that hair!  It’s incredibly unique and makes this lo-fi look one of a kind. “The Lone Employee”.  In The Rag & […]

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