Month: January 2009

Overheard on Craigslist: Missing Connections

This is kind of cute, in a really, really morbid way. Who needs pickup lines when you have compatible blood?

SOS Founder Writes About Alcohol Laws

Tom Shakely, founder of Safeguard Old State, wrote an op-ed for The Bulletin about underage drinking. The current failed approach to alcohol education — the one that renders real experience illegal — is as absurd as trying to teach young people to drive a car responsibly without being able to get behind the wheel. Laws […]

2009 Distinguished Alumni Announced

The list is out! Every person that graduates from Penn State leaves with a wealth of knowledge, but some alumni go on to do, well, “distinguished” things. Eight alums received the award this year. Eligibility for the award though is fairly vague: All persons who have been regular full-time students in a degree-granting program at […]

Jobs to be Eliminated at Hershey Med

The Penn State Hershey Medical Center has implemented a hiring freeze with the intent of eliminating 260 jobs through attrition, according to the Patriot News. The hospital also said it will pause up to $30 million in construction. “I think the notion that health care is recession-proof is being proven to be largely untrue,” said […]

Dreamers of Phi Mu Alpha 20th Anniversary

What: The Dreamers of Phi Mu Alpha, the oldest a cappella group at Penn State, will celebrate their 20th Anniversary with a concert. When: 7:30 pm on Saturday January 30. Where: 105 Forum Cost: $2 for students/$4.99 for adults

By Davis

No Jazz Hands- A Singing Lions Cabaret

What: A cabaret featuring music from modern musical theatre presented by the Singing Lions. When: 8:00 pm on Saturday January 30 Where: Esber Recital Hall (Music Building 1) Cost: $3 for students/$4.99 for adults

By Davis

NRT Presents: “Frozen”

What: No Refund Theatre is presenting “Frozen” by Bryony Lavery, a chilling play that entwines the lives of a murderer, the mother of one of his victims and his psychologist to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse and transformation after an act that would seem to rule them out entirely. Where: 111 Forum Building When: […]

By Davis

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