Tips for Your Post-Prandial, Pre-Party Nap

tocks_n_naps_2Weekends at college are an amorphous thing. For some, they begin on Thursdays of the Thirsty variety. For others, the week has been made obsolete by the neverending weekend.

In any event, a favorite weekend activity is the mid-afternoon nap. There’s no shame in napping. Remember Churchill napped. Quoth the redoubtable drunkard:

Nature had not intended mankind to work from 8 in the morning until midnight without the refreshment of blessed oblivion which, even if it only lasts 20 minutes, is sufficient to renew all the vital forces.

In that spirit, we’ve collected some tips for how to maximize your naps.

The most effective method is the caffeine nap. Just before you lay down, have a cup of coffee. Then set your timer for 15 minutes, after which you’ll be good to go. I guess you could also take amphetamines but those are probably not ideal– and potentially quite expensive.

The Boston Globe has a really nice info-graphic that describes the different types of sleep you’ll enjoy from different nap durations. Most of the tips are pretty obvious, but they do make the point that naps longer than 45 minutes show diminishing returns in immediate energy boosts.

The ultimate nap resource is Lifehacker— check them out for more nap tips.

(The picture is obvi from Cute Overload. Sometimes, u just gotta.)

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