Day: February 2, 2009

Penn State in the Super Bowl

A number of Penn State alumni played parts in Sunday’s Super Bowl. I’m glad to see THE PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY (take that Ohio State) was well represented. Jim Bradley, Pittsburgh Steelers’ orthopedic surgeon Scott Brown, covered the game for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Levi Brown, Arizonia Cardinal’s right tackle Mark Faller, Arizona Republic sports writer […]

The View From Schreyer House

Dear Diary, The past few days have been great! The Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl. Take that Dallas! I’ve been brushing up on my pop culture by listening to Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter III. I am so hood. Also, I dealt a great blow to the United Students Against Sweatshops club on campus. If […]

What Would Smeal Say?

Roger Scruton over at the New Statesman had an interesting realization in his latest column. Here’s a little table comparing how well $1000 would have done this year if invested in different ways: $1000 of Nortel stock would be worth $49. $1000 of Enron stock would be worth $16.50. $1000 of Delta stock would be […]

Prez Changes ‘Principles’ to Protect Free Speech

You might remember that in December the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) took issue with the Penn State Principles, specifically this passage: Actions motivated by hate, prejudice, or intolerance violate this principle. I will not engage in any behaviors that compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups, including intimidation, stalking, harassment, […]

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know

This just in: Facebook stalking can make people depressed. A study released by Stony Brook University in New York shows that when young teenage girls are given more ways to talk about their romantic problems through electronic means, they are more likely to remain focused on past problems, which can lead to depression. Higher levels […]

Sign Language Organization’s First Meeting

What: Sign Language Organization’s first meeting of the spring semester. Please come join us and meet your fellow club members, learn some American Sign Language through games and activities, obtain information about deaf culture, and participate in a raffle to win a hoodie! Where: 203 Sackett Building When: 6:00 – 7:00pm on February 4th Cost: […]