Beer Pong + Hope = Presidency

david-plouffe-college-0309Next time your mom complains to you about all your weekend partying, just direct her to this Esquire profile of David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager.


Plouffe is an expert beer pong player. Indeed, he says that he spent most of his time at the University of Delaware perfecting his technique. He does have some opinions on the pursuit that go against Penn State wisdom.

“You have to use a paddle, or you can use a saucepan, but where do you think the word pong comes from? It’s not just about the ball,” he says. In fact, if you think it’s just about the ball, you’re missing most of the game.

If he could spend his college years perfecting his beer pong skills, and then go on to run the BEST CAMPAIGN EVER, maybe there’s hope for us to. And, in the end, isn’t hope what this year is about?

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