So You Want to Be a Leader?

PLALast week, President Spanier unveiled the new Presidential Leadership Academy. Funded by Edward R. and Helen S. Hintz, both alumni, to the tune of $5 million, the Academy

is structured to develop critical thinking skills and have participating students apply those skills to decisions on complex public policy, societal and global issues that they may encounter in coming years as leaders in business, industry, government and communities.

30 students will be selected from the sophomore class every fall, so eventually, the Academy will have 90 students in it. This year, having just begun, 30 students will be picked in the spring. In order to complete the Academy, students will have to take certain classes and participate in special activities. One such class is a one credit seminar with Graham Spanier, the President himself. More information on the parts of the program can be found here.

“It is our responsibility to prepare students to understand that the most difficult decisions in today’s world require the examination of all sides of an issue,” Spanier said. “Through this initial generous gift, Penn State is taking a preeminent role in grooming students to effectively lead in a changing, challenging world.”

Applications for the 30 spots for current sophomores can be found here. The application deadline is March 2nd.

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