The Blue Loop: IN REAL TIME!

blue-loopOk. So it’s not exactly real time, but the CATA website has this sweet new feature called InfoPoint which offers “live estimated bus departures and bus locations. On the site, you click which route you are interested in and, using Google Maps, it will show you where the buses for that route are. That way, you can stay in your warm room as long as possible before running to catch the bus. You can click on the bus icons and a box will come up telling you if they are running “on time”, “late”, or “early”.

While the site says it’s in real time, that actually means it updates every minute, which is still pretty good. Kudos to CATA for utilizing technology and developing this cool program.

In addition to looking at each route, you can click on a specific bus stop and it will tell you, minute by minute, what buses are supposed to stop there. All this technology in addition to the Pattee Library signs… now if only there was an iPhone app.

Thanks go to @vcverbeke

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