Driver Saves Drunk During THON Weekend

The Collegian has an interesting story today about Kimberly Stogdill, a CATA bus driver.

During one of her shifts this weekend, she saw a highly intoxicated student exit the bus at one of the East stops. Nothing too unusual about that.

But on her next loop, she saw that same student face down in the snow. This is what happened next:

Jumping off the bus, Stogdill checked the student for a pulse. She couldn’t feel one. He wasn’t breathing, either.

With the help of student passengers, the driver rolled the student onto his back and began performing CPR. After chest compressions and one breath from Stogdill, the student vomited and was rolled onto his side by students and the driver. Emergency assistance arrived shortly thereafter.

Well done, CATA.

[This isn’t the first time something like this has happened this year. Recall the man in Ferguson Township who went around a neighborhood asking for beer before passing out in the snow.]

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