Dance Marathon?

NUTHONWhile our THON is over, if you recall from a post OS had a few weeks ago, other schools have dance marathons. In fact, the second longest running one, next to ours, is held at Northwestern University. Held from March 6th to the 8th, aka next weekend (Shortened months are a bitch, right?), they have started setting up for it.

Get this: They have to dance in a tent… outside.

All of the dancers will dance in the tent for the duration of the 30 hour event. It must get pretty cold at night with those winds off Lake Michigan. According to the article from The Daily Northwestern, last year the dancers took up two separate venues. This year, they’ll all be under one “roof” so to speak.

If you look at the picture, courtesy of The Daily Northwestern, there is snow in the background. Snow! For a little perspective, imagine having had to dance outside of the BJC instead of inside it last weekend. Insane right?

My question for Northwestern would be, “Why is it outside?” I know they are made of hardier stock out there in the Midwest, but really? That can’t be very healthy.

Regardless, I wish them the best of luck raising money for their charity of the year, Project Kindle, an organization that provides free summer camp opportunities and support to children affected by HIV-AIDS.

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