Do Your Feet a Favor

side-by-sideUnless you’re sporting some serious hiking boots, constant walking can really take a toll on your body, especially your legs and feet. Don’t want to trade in your favorite kicks for practical alternatives? You don’t have to.

Last week at McLanahan’s, I purchased Ironman gel insoles for my aging shoes. Aside from the lickable body paint, these babies are my best McLanahan’s purchase ever. According to the package:

Ironman® Performance Gel Insoles go beyond just cushioning and return energy to the points where your feet need it most. Unlike other gel insoles, they stay in place while supporting your arch and cradling your heel so that your feet remain invigorated all day long.

They speak the truth. Ironman isn’t paying Onward State for this advertisement, but I’ve really been bouncing on clouds all week. And the cushiony pair only cost $7.99. (Dr. Scholl’s products cost slightly more.)

Don’t forfeit your favorite worn-out shoes. If your old kicks are failing you, consider revamping them with the glory of gel insoles.

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