Penn State Pre-Frosh Facebook Frenzy Revisited

A long time ago, in Onward State’s infancy, we wrote a post comparing the recently created “Class of 2013” Facebook groups. There were only two at the time, Penn State University Park – Class of 2013 and Penn State: Class of 2013!

A search done today for “Penn State Class of 2013” yields many, many more groups. Groups for all Commonwealth Campuses and all types of majors abound. Unfortunately, the “Penn State: Class of 2013!” group seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, leaving “Penn State University Park- Class of 2013” as the undisputed king of the prefrosh groups. Currently, it has 2,007 members. Current discussion topics include: “Blue Band???”; “BETTER Survey to get to know each other.”; and “smeal college of business?”


The group is the perfect way to receive advice about college from people that have never been to college before. It also allows you to “friend” people you’ll never meet or, if you do meet them, you will feel incredibly awkward because you’ll know their most intimate secrets.

There are some pretty interesting wall posts, but the members seemed most interested in organizing AIM chats about Dear Old State. Why they couldn’t just communicate within the confines of Facebook, we’ll never know. Here is one of our favorite posts:


We definitely agree with her. Why do you think we go here? It sure isn’t the weather. That is for certain.

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