That Party Last Night Was Awfully Crazy

800px-heroin_asianGotta love the State College police reports.

Jonathan Kissel, a “non degree undergraduate” here, was found unconscious on his porch at 3:00 am on Saturday morning with 192 bags of heroin in his pockets. Any ideas how much that would be worth?

According to the CDT,

Police arrested 25-year-old Jonathan M. Kissel shortly after 3 a.m. when people nearby picked up his motionless body, sat him in a chair and held up his head while 911 was called, court papers say.

Observers said Kissel was unresponsive, had shallow breathing and police said the only response that could be elicited from him was “the opening of his eyes,” court papers say.

The bags were small plastic dime bags, with smaller wax folds inside that had the words ‘HARD CORE’ and an image of a naked lady stamped onto them.

Kissel is being charged with public drunkneness and possession of a controlled substance. He is currently in the Centre Country Correctional Facility, having not paid the $100,000 bail.

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