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2586798266_da768d196eThe Collegian already has a story up about a pretty interesting UPUA elections day tradition.

For the past few years, the candidates and the election commission have met in the Waffle Shop for an early morning breakfast before the long day of final campaign pushes.

This was the lede put forth by writers Kevin Cirilli and Neha Prakash:

For one of them, it will be remembered as the breakfast of champions.

Ughhh… oh well, at least they got the article up super quick.

There is a pretty funny anecdote in the story too. Remember Katharine Paseka, Nick Borsuk’s running mate? Probably not. She was the only vice presidential candidate to attend this morning’s breakfast, and apparently she opened up more there than she did at Monday’s debate (she was only allowed to speak once, and it was kind of a train wreck).

Paseka (junior-human development and family studies) recalled a recent dream she had about election day.

The dream involved her opponents Gavin Keirans, the current UPUA president who is also running for re-election, and Samantha Miller, the current UPUA Governmental Affairs chairwoman.

Paseka said she dreamt she received a phone call from her campaign manager at 10:02 p.m. on election day, after the polls had closed. Her manager wondered where she was and Paseka rushed to campus to find that Miller had won.

“Thank God it wasn’t [Keirans],” Paseka said she thought to herself in her dream.

At the conclusion of her story, the table erupted in laughter.

Another great part of the article was:

Sipping on chocolate milk, Keirans (junior-business management) text-messaged throughout the breakfast, speaking the least out of the candidates and commissioners.

Seems like a nice way to enjoy an election day breakfast.

[Photo: Hartini on Flickr under CC]

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