Staff Forms For New “Man Mag”

In an official Onward State poll given to Penn State males, 87% admit that they are jealous of Valley Magazine.  Our statistician tells me that the other 13% are either lying or have never read Valley Mag.  Enter [M]asculine Magazine.  This proposed publication hopes to fill the vacant existence of a men’s magazine at Penn State.  A few students have brainstormed ideas for the publication and have even secured two faculty advisers.  I don’t really care for the name (or the brackets),  but more on that below.  I could write a lot of words telling you all about the magazine, but let’s be honest- that would be pretty boring.  Because of that, I’ve prepared a nice flowchart with the key details of the magazine.  Click on the picture for a larger version.


Onward State recommends and endorses the following more creative titles for the magazine:

  1. The Man Mag
  2. The Gentleman’s Journal
  3. Don’t Read This Rag (this will make people want to read it, trust me)
  4. The Manly Lion
  5. The Roaring Lion
  6. Onward State
  7. Manward State
  8. The Gentleman’s Guide To Being Manlier (TGGTBM)
  9. Reading This Makes You Manly

If you have a sweet title to replace the lackluster one, leave it in the comments below.  Also, would you read a magazine like this?  Personally, I’d probably pick one up to skim when/if the publication happens.  It would probably be pretty cool, especially if they get some interesting stories and include pictures of women inside (and most importantly on the front cover).  (Think Jennifer Aniston on the cover of GQ.)

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