Day: April 4, 2009

Joe Paterno Twirls Batons

Bet when you saw that headline, you thought I was kidding…

Sunshine on a Windy Day

You’d have to be in a steel bunker today not to have heard tunes echoing across campus from the HUB lawn. I stopped by Movin’ On to check it out and withstood the wind and cold for two fantastic sets, Some Downtown Avenue and Atlas Soundtrack. I had heard a lot about Atlas Soundtrack from […]

Happy Saturday: Movin’ On Coverage

The Collegian has been live-blogging Movin’ On… who knew! It’s good coverage too. We also suggest you check out @8MusicPhreak3 for his live-tweets. We just got back from getting some footage and pictures of the event– we’re going to be putting up a recap tomorrow.

Movin’ On: HUB Webcam

Looks like they might have forgotten to change their clock for DST…

Daniel Tosh Has Little To No Feelings Toward You

“I love you!”  an enthused female audience member screamed out during a lull in Daniel Tosh’s Friday set at Eisenhower Auditorium. “I have little to no feelings toward you,” he responded without hesitation. “Maybe you shouldn’t put yourself out there so quickly.” Saying Daniel Tosh doesn’t worry about the things you and I do really […]