Sunshine on a Windy Day

You’d have to be in a steel bunker today not to have heard tunes echoing across campus from the HUB lawn. I stopped by Movin’ On to check it out and withstood the wind and cold for two fantastic sets, Some Downtown Avenue and Atlas Soundtrack.

I had heard a lot about Atlas Soundtrack from friends and was not disappointed—they had excellent stage presence and got the spread-out, shivering crowd to shuffle up close to the stage to make like a real concert and dance; though whether it was for the sake of audience involvement or warmth is up for debate.

Some Downtown Avenue was another hit, covering ska favorites like “She Has a Girlfriend Now” as well as performing some originals. You can usually tell a good show by the number of people dancing around like lunatics, and I give this band credit for getting even the few that were to jump around while everyone else huddled with their hands in their pockets. Plus, the lead singer had enough energy for the whole crowd.

Verdict: Judging from this small sample, Movin’ On delivers as an outdoor music festival—for those who braved the weather, anyway. Here’s hoping that next year will bring heat offstage as well as on.

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Dana Kimmelman is a SENIOR studying Psychology and Philosophy. She hasn't updated her profile in a long time, and she knows that it's just not Snowflake Day without a lamb taco.


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