Love Those Organic Veggies

organicClean off your shovels and spades and get your hands dirty.  April 18 marks the grand opening for Penn State’s first ever community garden, co-created by the Center for Sustainability and the Sustainable Agriculture Club.

The garden, located near Beaver Stadium, contains 98 individual plots, all of which have been claimed  for the upcoming growing season.  Undergrads, grad students, faculty, staff, and community members are all eligible for plot space, but a waiting list already exists.  Participating green thumbs get all this fresh food and fun for the low price of $20 per plot.

As in any social setting, rules exist about gardening practices.  For example, all growing methods must be completely organic, all plants must be legal, and all gardeners must respect the boundaries of their respective plots, to name a few.  Remember, the purpose of this happening is to foster community and practice sustainable living.  And of course, to grow some great organic vegetables.

When you fill your stomach with wholesome, nutritious food, your mind and body will perform at their maximum levels.  Thinking about a more organic diet?  For more info or an application, check out the main page of the garden.  Stay healthy.


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