Blue & White Rapper Contest: Lyon fa Lyf

Over the next two days, we will be critiquing all six of the entries for the Blue & White Rapper contest. You watch all the entry videos at and vote for your favorite at the Collegian.

Lyon fa Lyf

Good: Clearly a lot of effort went into shooting every line at a different place around campus, including sports fields, the lion shrine, and… the shower?
Bad: The beginning of each line is a little slurred- Did this guy take not CAS 100, or did he pre-game his video?
Ugly: Did not need to see his “pale chest” with muscles drawn on in magic marker.
Best line: “love this place like vampires love each other in Twilight”

Good: He gets really sentimental in the end– kind of got a lil teary eyed.
Bad: It sounds like he’s just sitting in front of his computer reading the lyrics– no heart yo.
Ugly: When he is lying on the floor with six copies of Britney Spears latest album, Circus, fanned around his head.
Best line: “But now my President’s black, but here we bleed white and blue/ bet Jim Tresel wants to coach at PSU”

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