That’s One Way to Pay for College

drewWOFTemple, that “state-related” school, doesn’t usually upstage Old State at much. We beat them at football…badly. We have a better mascot. They did beat us on the basketball court this year, but then we won the NIT. That loss was still frustrating though.

And so is this. Drew Magathan, a junior psychology major, appeared on that famous old people show, Wheel of Fortune, on Tuesday.

How did he do?

Well, he cleaned up.

He advanced to the final round with a total of $10,450. For the bonus round, he correctly solved the puzzle — “Tight Grasp” — and inside the envelope was $100,000.

No debt for this guy.

In fact, “He said he would like to put whatever he wins toward graduate school, a spring break trip next year and a MacBook.”

That’s the American Dream right? Winning a large sum of money spinning a wheel? Good for him. I guess now, in the gameshow competition it’s Temple: 1 Penn State: 0. Well, at least until we get someone on Jeopardy, the better game show, to dominate Ken Jennings-style. That’ll even the score. Come on State!


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