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phoneOn June 5, Penn State will enter the 21st century by the launch of its new free cell phone tour system.

Anyone (read: prospective students and their parents) will be able to learn about notable landmarks while touring campus by calling a system called “iHear Penn State” on their cell phone. (Hopefully the Apple lawyers don’t catch wind of this…)

Michael Giniger, chief technology officer of Spatial Adventures, which is working with Penn State on the project, said a sign will be placed at each site with a phone number and a number to press for the specific site. Visitors can call the number on their cell phones and hear a brief audio clip about the site, he said.

While Giniger’s company has created tours for 50-75 clients, this will be its first attempt at a full university tour.

The service will be free to users (plus the cost of minutes). The University is paying a flat fee for the service.

Don’t worry all you Lion Scouts and Ambassadors, you guys aren’t going anywhere. Your embroidered North Faces are safe… for the moment, or at least until robot tour guides come along.


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