Hey! College Students Have Problems Too!

The Center for the Study of Collegiate Mental Health released the beta version of a study it prepared on the general state of, well, collegiate mental health. The study was based on data collected in fall 2008 from 66 mental health institutions at colleges across the country (mostly second-tier public universities). Here are some of the most interesting parts.

Sexual Orientation Here’s their report on the sexualities of students receiving treatment from the 66 participating institutions.
I didn’t know that “Questioning” is now a choice for one’s sexual identity… but what does it mean that I’m questioning that? Check out the comments to see why this was crossed out…

On-Campus Violence The study also looked at the risk of on-campus violence, fitting considering today is the tenth anniversary of the Columbine shooting.
Binge Drinking This next one might not sit too well with our heavy drinking correspondent, Chad. The academic subscale is a composite of academic factors: class enjoyability, ability to keep up with course work, ability to concentrate, and academic confidence. Lower scores are generally better (unless you’re an academic masochist). suckitchad
You read right– the more you drink, the poorer you perform.

Psychological Problems with Veterans Compared to Non-Military The last one relates to Penn State’s recent angry vet controversy.
I won’t draw any conclusions from that graph– I’ll leave it up to you. You can find the full version of the report here. [PDF]

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