Battle of the Maps




Remember when you first found your house on Google Maps?  The revelation probably freaked you out.

Google has created some phenomenal work in the field of digital mapping, but the company has failed the creepers of Happy Valley.  For some reason unknown to geographers, Google has never added detailed University Park imagery to its database.

Where can we find quality imagery of PSU?  Microsoft’s Live Search Maps, namely the “Bird’s Eye View” option.

(Hardcore mappers should explore PASDA, Pennsylvania’s official mapping database.  However, we don’t recommend it for casual users.)

The embedded images show Beaver Stadium, an easily-recognizable landmark, using Google Maps, Live Search Maps, and the Bird’s Eye View option.  Click through these images and explore them.  Believe it or not, the Bird’s Eye View option can zoom in even further than what we’ve shown.

Where was your boyfriend’s car at 11:00 last night?  Is that sketchy kid from your English class growing funny plants on his apartment rooftop?  Anyone want to organize a swimming-pool crawl?  The mapping applications are endless.

Pan seamlessly through space and prepare to discover!

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