But doesn’t he want to know why I love college?

UPUA President Gavin Keirans sent out a message to the 1,870 members of the Wallypalooza Facebook event. He’s offering a free tee shirt to anyone who tells him why they love Wallypalooza.


The UPUA Wallypalooza site is also now up. Here’s the most interesting thing on the site.

The brainchild of elite Smeal College of Business Representative Michael Wallace, Wallypalooza is a festival which will be held on the HUB Lawn on the Thursday during the last week of classes.

The idea came to Representative Wallace in the form of a dream on a brisk night in mid-October.

In that dream, he saw children singing and dancing in the green, rolling pastures of Pennsylvania State University.

The next morning, the idea for Wallypalooza was born.

The second most interesting thing on the site is the logo.

What’s the symbolism of the spilled Solo cup? You tell me.

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