Day: April 27, 2009

The Natty Nittany

Mike.  Photographed in Atherton Hall. It’s hot outside – something foreign after surviving this semester.  There’s no reason to abandon fashion in favor of that “tan” you’ve been working on all weekend though.  Mike exhibits the beauty of simplicity perfectly on this gorgeous day.  A blue oxford and a dark colored pair of chinos (they’re […]

Straylight Run Hit Penn State Post-Finals

Garrett Bogden – the student behind Nittany Booking – is nothing short of amazing when it comes to providing State with live music. He’s booked one last show before he moves on to the post-graduation world many of us dread.  With only a few weeks until showtime, he wanted word spread fast.  OS has the […]

PSU Brings Home the Hydrogen

Remember the Shell Eco-Marathon? Penn State engineers constructed a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle and attended the California competition. But the goal of this “race” was to go farthest, not fastest. Penn State’s vehicle of victory, “Blood, Sweat & Gears,” took first place in the hydrogen fuel-cell category. Are you ready for this? Their contraption possessed an […]

But doesn’t he want to know why I love college?

UPUA President Gavin Keirans sent out a message to the 1,870 members of the Wallypalooza Facebook event. He’s offering a free tee shirt to anyone who tells him why they love Wallypalooza. The UPUA Wallypalooza site is also now up. Here’s the most interesting thing on the site. The brainchild of elite Smeal College of […]

Penn State Patents

Over the course of your career at Penn State, you may end up inventing something. Crazy, I know, especially for you English majors. Wouldn’t you like to know to what extent you own the patents on the inventions you created? Of course you would. Here you go: Undergraduate students, professional students (such as law and […]

Rush Limbaugh at Creamery

Those of you hoping to go to the Creamery to cool off from the heat might get more than you bargained for. According to Twitter chatter from @StefanC, Rush is currently at the Creamery. At the moment, Onward State does not have any real proof of this, but some of you guys should head up […]

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