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Day: April 27, 2009

Joe Pa Joins Twitterati

It’s official. Well, not really. Someone, probably not JoePa, has started a Twitter account called Mean Joe Paterno. With only 30 updates so far and a low number of followers, he (or she) is clearly just getting started. With tweets like the one below, I’m sure he’ll amass quite a following:

Penn State Safe From Swine Flu

Many of you may have heard of this swine flu business that is sweeping the nation and much of North America. 149 people have died in Mexico and the World Health Organization has called the outbreak a public health emergency. Fears of a global pandemic are running high, but don’t worry, swine flu is not […]

Overheard on Twitter: Irrational Exuberence

Substitute ‘Wall Street’s mortgage market’ for ‘Penn State’s ANGEL’  and you’ve got the story of our economy.

Dinesh D’Souza, Ex Coulter Beau, to Speak

What: Dinesh D’Souza, author of What’s So Great About America?, will be speaking about America. Highlights from his Wikipedia page: In 1981, D’Souza published the names of officers of the Gay Student Alliance in an article for The Dartmouth Review, including the names of those who were still closeted. Prior to his marriage in 1992, […]

Your New Favorite Desktop Background

In Jessica Passini’s version of ‘The Last Supper’ Judas is replaced by a referee. Hope they don’t take it personally… Passini painted a parody of da Vinci’s iconic work after “studying abroad in Italy and examining da Vinci’s work,” according to the Collegian. Her version features: Joe Paterno as Jesus Christ The Nittany Lion as […]

Reader-Submitted Post

Question of the Day- Bathroom Graffiti Edition

As the Stately Inquisitor, I ask a lot of questions.  During my my travels, I often come across interesting etchings in bathroom stalls. What is the best Bathroom Stall Graffiti you have ever seen? .. Click Read More to answer today’s Question of the Day.

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