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In Jessica Passini’s version of ‘The Last Supper’ Judas is replaced by a referee. Hope they don’t take it personally…


Passini painted a parody of da Vinci’s iconic work after “studying abroad in Italy and examining da Vinci’s work,” according to the Collegian.

Her version features:

Joe Paterno as Jesus Christ
The Nittany Lion as St. John
A quarterback as St. Peter
A referee as Judas
And football players as the rest of the disciples

Joe Paterno even signed off on the whole idea, surprising considering the painting features him as the son of God. (editor note: what would that make Jay then?)

“People have told me they worship Joe Paterno like Jesus,” she said, laughing.

Pissini said she is a devoted Penn State football fan and was excited to meet coach Paterno while seeking his consent for the painting.

“His wife asked him ‘Do you mind?’ ” Pissini said. “He looked at it and said ‘Yeah, go ahead, let her.’ He was so nice about it.”

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