Day: June 3, 2009

Gerry Hamilton Feels Blowback from Collegian

In late May, the Collegian had to divert its attention from its top priority– adapting its newsroom to the changing media environment– after managing director Gerry Hamilton initiated an institutional power play. Hamilton, who holds the highest professional position within the organization, fired news adviser John Harvey for “insubordination.” When we first posted about this, […]

Class Watch: Google Marketing (IST 402)

The IST College plays host to all sorts of alluring classes. Among these jewels, I was lucky enough to be enrolled in IST 402 during this past Spring semester. Depending on the semester, IST 402 has multiple focuses, sometimes with multiple classes each covering a different topic. In the past, topics have included database design […]

PSU Fights Natural Terrorists

Students from the College of Agricultural Sciences and Pennsylvannia’s DCNR are hot on the trail of an impressive adversary.  The terrorist in question? Japanese stiltgrass.  This flora is an invasive species that prevents forests from supporting new growth.  The effort to halt the spread of invasive species has been ongoing, and has been renewed for […]

Recent Grad Featured on Top Industry Blog

Ever wanted to taste a variety of sauces that had been stored in a novelty container designed to evoke the feelings of the 1960s space race? Enter, stage right: the Chip Ship. Justin Colt, a recent Penn State grad, was featured on the world’s top product design blog (The Dieline) for a package set he […]

Breaking The Rules? Not Penn State

A recent NCAA report says Penn State is in the clear- unlike 85% of other NCAA schools.  Infractions by Football programs have landed many teams in hot water, leading to fines, probation and the nullification of athletic records.  The below chart details the number of major infractions.  Onward State has taken the liberty to modify […]