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chip_shipEver wanted to taste a variety of sauces that had been stored in a novelty container designed to evoke the feelings of the 1960s space race?

Enter, stage right: the Chip Ship.

Justin Colt, a recent Penn State grad, was featured on the world’s top product design blog (The Dieline) for a package set he designed for the aforementioned hypothetical product.

He explained the design like this:

The aesthetic of Chip Ship was derived from pulling samples of vintage newspaper articles, advertisements, and other media. A lot of inspiration was gained from the study of Bradbury Thompson and his experimentation with color and typography. One of the main goals for Chip Ship was to go beyond just a label, and to design a party experience. LED lights glow brightly, and tins of sauces are dispensed when the ship launches. Flavors Astro Radish, Solar Mint, Cayenne Comet, and Plum Eclipse feature interesting ingredients that are adventurous to sample.

Now, this idea will almost certainly never become more than just that… but how cool would it be to have your salsa container explode before you dug into your munchies?

He has some other cool designs on his site. Props dude.

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