Round-Up: Things We Didn’t Post This Week

get_some_get_some_get_some_get_some_get_someWe’ll be picking up the pace in the next couple of weeks as fall term nears. The only organization more excited than Onward State for the return of school is Anheuser-Busch INBev, proud producers of Penn State students’ choicest diet supplement. Stimulus package, much?

The Inquirer asked Joe Paterno five questions. Best quote: “That phone rings on Sunday morning and I shake.” Stay out of trouble, boys! []

Jay Paterno described the pre-game ritual on his blog. [The HD Journal]

CATA had a record-breaking year in ridership. The highest single day was State Patty’s Day. [The Daily Collegian]

Penn State saw a slight increase in the number of people applying for financial aid, and an atypical number are appealing their aid packages because their financial positions have changed. [Patriot News]

Mike’s Movies at 210 Calder Way will be closing this fall. According to the Collegian, owner Alan Abruzzo “said the downtown store’s revenue made up only one percent of his business.” That doesn’t make any sense to us– either this was really a terrible business or Abruzzo’s doing well. In any case, the Mike’s Movies website is pretty horrible. [The Daily Collegian]

An alumna wrote a novel set in State College. Her Twitter account has this for her bio: “My books aren’t novels, they are literary experiences… Enjoy!” Sorry, babe, but your literary experience is one I won’t have the pleasure of… experiencing. [The Daily Collegian]

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